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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Elohim is the One Who Knows it and Decrypts Everything

    Daniel tells us that only God is the only one who could decipher the present and the future, no magician, sorcerer, astrologer or prophet is above him.

    In the Kehila Elohei Kedem in Caracas, Venezuela, Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques, leads with great success a congregation of Jews Nezarim where you really learn the word of YHWH. This gift is not achieved easely but with dedication, fidelity and sacrifice.

The Book of Daniel shows us in addition to a whole historical process about the old and the New Testament, the political and cultural changes affecting the Jewish people because of the Egyptian and Syrian sovereigns with looting and false worships, even many Priests and young Jews were convinced by the Greco-Roman culture to leave the Christian faith and worship the vices and the money more than to Elohim their authentic and universal Hebrew God. They also turned away from the culture of their ancestors and patriarchs because it seemed old-fashioned.