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Chinese wild life's eating are responsable for Coronavirus outbrake

Chinese eating of wildlife is responsable for Coronavirus outbrake

     According to the New York Times excellent article "Coronavirus: Revenge of the Pangolins?" by Wufei Yu (Publish at March 6, 2020 said "“We can’t be indifferent anymore!” President Xi Jinping of China fumed at top officials early last month, referring to the public health risks of eating wildlife. On Feb. 24, the 13th National People’s Congress issued a decision “Comprehensively Prohibiting the Illegal Trade of Wild Animals, Eliminating the Bad Habits of Wild Animal Consumption and Protecting the Health and Safety of the People.”. 

                                                             Naturally was to late.

Also the article in the New York Times also pointed, the Chinese do not even care about their culture:

 “Beiji Qianjin Yaofang” (备急千金要方), a collection of prescriptions compiled by Sun Simiao, an alchemist of the Tang dynasty, advised in 652: “There are lurking ailments in our stomachs. Don’t eat the meat of pangolins, because it may trigger them and harm us.” 

    Ancient texts like the Bible n Leviticus 11 prohibited  eating any number of other wild animals, like snakes, bats and even pangolin, the same ones responsible for the China's outbreak and transmission to more than 98 countries and more than 100 thousand people around the world. 

Lev 11:13-19 "And these you shall count unclean among the fowls; they shall not be eaten; "..... "and the stork, the heron according to its kind, and the hoopoe, and the BAT."

Lev 11:4 "Only, you may not eat these, of those bringing up the cud, and of those dividing the hoof "(Like the PANGOLIN)

China's government has to be held accountable for this.

This is what a pangolin looks like

Jimin Lai/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

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