Thursday, January 18, 2018

Netanyahu and Modi Sign Nine Cooperation Agreements Between India and Israel

    India and Israel also signed memorandums of understanding on oil, air transport and film, as well as several agreements linking public entities in the aerospace, natural medicine and investment sectors.

    "In Prime Minister Netanyahu I have a counterpart who is equally committed to bringing the India-Israel relationship to new high altitudes," Modi said after a meeting between the two marked "convergence to accelerate our commitment and expand our Collaboration ".

    Netanyahu, for his part, noted that bilateral diplomatic ties are now at a "different" point by Modi's leadership.

    All this, he said, thanks to an "ancient past, a dynamic present and a promising future".

      The Israeli president considered that the Union of Indian and Israeli talents can bring "tremendous things" for both and noted that thanks to innovation hope to achieve "more for less, more crops with less water, more energy with less spending."

Orlando Ruiz


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