Thursday, January 18, 2018

God Intervenes Through a Israeli Surgeon and Makes it Possible for Palestinian Teenager to Stand up Again

Yusef Rabaya, (left), and Hadassah column specialist, Dr. Josh Schroeder, (Right)

     A young Palestinian disabled from the city of Jenin to the north of the West Bank managed to stand up after a treatment given by a Jewish specialist after seeking help without results in Europe and Boston. 

The young man found help in Israel at the Hadassah Medical Center in the city of Jerusalem, where he was repairing his spine. Despite the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that prevents Palestinians from entering Israeli hospitals for safety, it did not prevent this young man from being treated medically to achieve his column re-establishment that prevented him from standing up.

    Many Jewish physicians treat their patients equally regardless of their citizenship, religion, or ethnicity.

      Yusef Rabaya, a 19-year-old from the city of Jenin, located in the Palestinian Authority territories, received a treatment that transformed his life and enabled him to walkagain for the first time in almost a year.He was born with cerebral palsy and a neuromuscular kyphosis, a curve from the front to the back of his body that looked like a big hump.The curve became so pronounced that he could no longer sustain himself and suffered terrible pains, his parents decided to seek help in some countries but did not find the proper result or the transfer of his son.

      In Boston he underwent surgery to implant bars on his back and strengthen his spine.But the rods broke and the teenager ended up in a bed with a pain even worse than the previous one.Finally, Dr. Josh Schroeder, head surgeon and spine specialist at Hadassah performed a reconstruction surgery that took four hours.

     "We needed equipment that is not used in Israel because the technique and equipment for its implementation are used almost exclusively in the United States," Schroeder explained.

    Four boxes of rods and screws developed by a surgeon at the for Special Surgery Hospital in new York were sent to Jerusalem. The broken rods were removed, new implants were anchored to the Rabaya vertebrae and the spine deformity was corrected. As a result of the surgery, Rabaya may rise again. Now it is starting physical therapy to develop the muscles that deteriorated during the time when he could not get out of bed, apparently everything goes well. The Israelite doctor said. And some knowledgeable residents of the treatment said that-Elohim-god-always intervenes in favor of Israe

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