Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Charlottesville has become the heating up of the racial tension that has divided America since its Origins. President Donald Trump has made remarks that have brought to the surface a country divided with hate to spare. His comments has been out of the line, and has influence many people to comment or express their fears of this situation, but he is not the cause, nor the problem. The problems in America are the unhealed hearts of many Americans and their extreme views about their fellow citizens. 

We at World Messianic News condemned all hateful groups that live among us in the U.S. But there is so many that we are fearful that it will never end. That includes white nationalists, anti-gay zealots, black separatists, racist skin heads, neo-Confederates, KKK, neo-Nazi, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, Islamic terrorists, holocaust denials, anti-Semitics, etc. More than 917 groups all around America are according to the South Poverty Law Center and many other agencies around the country. Many of these groups are religious organizations who interpreted their religious texts in a bias way toward hate. 

Many people are using these horrible tragedies in Charlottesville, Virginia to gain political momentum, but we should look inside ourselves and ask us why we cannot live with others people´s point of view, their political views, their religious bases, their gender, sexual orientation or the color of their skins. It is time to stop the hate.

Let’s get united in our common citizenship: Americans. We should be proud of our great Constitution, our beautiful land, our great stench as people and our moral core values. We should embrace each other with love, sympathy, care and a bright hope for the future. It is time to ban from our country the flags, the symbols, and the means of hate in each little town in America.

The God of all bless this great country: United States of America.

Nazarene Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques

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