Monday, July 3, 2017

Israel confirms existence of Iranian weapons factory in Lebanon

The head of Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence (Tzáhal) General Herzi Halevi confirmed the leaked report to a Kuwaiti daily about the existence of an Iranian arms factory in Lebanon.

The details that have emerged in recent days suggest that the construction of the arms factory has been undertaken on the orders of Iran - and not its subordinate Hezbollah - and it is not clear at the present time to what extent the Lebanese Shi'ite terrorist group is interested in An underground plant that could trigger a confrontation with Israel.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which has reduced the amount of financial aid from Tehran to Hezbollah about a year ago, realized that the method of sending arms shipments to Hezbollah is ineffective as a result of the measures Taken by Israel, which attacks shipments.

In this regard, taking into account operational and economic considerations, the Iranians decided that it would be more efficient to erect an arms factory on Lebanese soil.

The decision would also act as a type of insurance policy, while the Iranians expect that the Israeli Defense Force will not carry attacks on Lebanese territory, similar to those it has carried out in Syria, either against arms shipments Or deposits of war material.

The revelation puts Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman in a serious dilemma over whether or not to attack the factory. Liberman recently stated that "Israel has no intention of starting a war".

The Jewish state hopes to explore diplomatic routes in principle, starting with Lebanon itself, which is the sovereign in the area. From Israel's point of view, Lebanon is responsible for the construction of the factory.

Although Hezbollah has achieved great combat experience in Syria and is trying to increase its war capability and firepower, it is unlikely that the leader of the group, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, is interested in a war with Israel. However, the construction of this type of factory increases the possibility of an escalation of war, either intentionally or not.

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