Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gaza militants call for confrontation with Israel

With faces hidden behind masks, several militants called in a press conference today in Gaza City for Palestinians to go to areas bordering Israel to "confront" Israeli soldiers patrolling there.

Hamas made a similar call yesterday and called on the population of Gaza to go tomorrow to the border to "confront the Israeli enemy" by the blockade imposed on the strip since the Islamist movement took it under control after expelling by force the Militias Of the nationalist party Al Fatah, in June 2007.

"If peaceful protests do not force the occupation to meet the demands of the prisoners, and we are going to use the language of force, of press, during which they carried their arms.

The members of the armed groups thus show their support for the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, about 850 according to the Israeli Prison Service, who have maintained a water and salt base for 31 days to ask for the improvement of the conditions of their confinement In Israeli prisons where he is serving his sentence.

And they pointed out that they do not remain "inactive" in cases where hunger striking prisoners, with whom Israel maintains the decision not to negotiate.

The UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nickolay Mladenov, today expressed concern about the health of the prisoners and urged a solution.

"The (hunger) strike now enters its second month and is imperative with a resolution as soon as possible in line with international humanitarian law and Israel's obligations to human rights," Mladenov said in a statement.

Mladenov said that tensions "are growing on Palestinian street", with repeated demonstrations and events in solidarity with the hunger strikers (in which they have died of demonstrators in the last week), and stressed the importance of resolving the situation "In the interest of peace and ongoing initiatives to revive the political process," and called on the parties "containment."

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