Monday, December 5, 2016



Psalm 27: "the Lord is my light and my salvation and who fear if the Lord is the strength of my life?"

Psalm 27: "the Lord is my light and my salvation and who fear if the Lord is the strength of my life?"

There are difficult moments in our lives that sometimes we do and despair or AIL. These feelings may be defined as fear and fear, anxiety or concern. Many are the people that we have to go through these experiences and sometimes do not find a solution to their problems. However Elohim) (Elohim) is attentive to the tribulations of the human being, only that Elohim demands that we have faith and comply with its laws and commandments, which do not seek it only in the difficult moments but love him, respect him and are you faithful in its precepts every day, so be sure you find solution to your problems.

The Royal Academy of the Spanish language defines the concept of fear and anguish as a disturbance of the mind due to a damage or risk, real or imaginary. Also says the Academy, which is due to a suspicion or apprehension that something may happen and impose our will.

These concepts are accurate because they become a systematic study of people and their human experiences, but it is also true that Elohim (God) resolves, helps and heals those who ask with faith and devotion.

But how do we do that? The answer is there are Bible verses in the Torah (Bible) on fear and fear giving the human victory over evil, that help solve the fears and anxieties.

The word of Elohim guides us to overcome adverse situations that we may be going through about heartbreak, fear, anguish, despair and even the fear of death.

In the Bible (Torah) Psalm 23:4 tells us: "though I walk through the Valley and shadow of death, I will fear no evil whatsoever, because you are with me;" You rod and your staff infuse me breath. "Psalm 27:1 says: the Lord is my light and my salvation who fear if the Lord is the strength of my life?"

Fear and anxiety can modify our way of being and our behavior, but it is surmountable if we consider that there are great possibilities to get out of it all with the grace of Elohim). Elohim) can greatly with everything he proposes, it is who is in charge and decides above all the natural and supernatural, he can modify and save us from the fear, of the tragedies, it can protect us and help us in times of tribulation if we trust in him, but only in it. Accordingly we can subtract from fear and keep us in Shalom which is peace and divine grace.

The Torah warns us continually that Elohim is our shield and our strength. Psalm 115:11 says: "Those who fear Elohim rely on it because he is our help and our shield". Psalm 118:6 tells us: "the Lord is in my favor, therefore will not be afraid, that can make me man if against Elohim anyone?"

On the other hand Deuteronomy 31:6 obliges us to be strong and be brave. "Do not fear you or intimidation before them, because Elohim your Lord is he that goes with you and will not leave you nor forsake you."

Also in Chronicles 28:20 David told his son Solomon: "strive and be brave and do your work, do not be afraid nor dismayed because Elohim our Lord who is my Elohim is with you, he will not fail you, nor you will leave until all the work and service this ready".

Fear and fear can become source of anxiety that prevents us to cope with normal, equal can change our behavior and become people fearful, intimidated, distrustful and little sociable, but Elohim that is always close to us is the way to save us from all evil and danger, to protect ourselves, to give us light, to help overcome adversity, is the rock his faith, his greatness and his love for us that we can come out of our fears and calamities, even above the current psychological methods that attempt to reduce fear through therapies and clinical applications.

Elohim can and has the power to heal, cure, improve infuse and change our lives if it is proposed and if we trust him. In the Torah we find passages from characters who were afraid. Adam and Eve were afraid when they realized account who had sinned and disobeyed. Jacob was afraid to be with his brother Esau. Job was fear and your patience and love of Elohim) you saved him, Abraham was afraid of the Egyptians, and then understood that Elohim was by his side and protected it. Moses was afraid but was compliant and privileged to hear the voice of Elohim and their advice and always believed and maintained their faith.

The Word gives us guidelines on how to learn to overcome fear and trust Elohim because the word abideth forever and forever says Isaiah 40:8. "It is necessary, then, that we stop and look at the miracles of Elohim. Let us renew our faith, our minds and see the promises of Elohim"that puts in your hands man, meditate in his presence with faith consistently and always keep high their prayers and let his power, his truth and his Shalom transform, and touch our lives today and forever and are sure that it will disappear fear and fear because the Lord is powerful and will save us already that no malice or weapon will be forged against you and you rather wilt every tongue which rises against you in judgment. "This is the heritage of the servants of Elohim" (Isaiah 54:17).

Lic. Orlando Ruiz