Sunday, May 5, 2019

It Is Time for Hamas to Disappear After Attacks to Israel in May 2019

Destruction in Israel by Gaza
Destruction in Southern Israel

During the rocket attack in southern Israel in the last 4 days, the sirens reached as far as Bet Shemesh, 12 miles west of Jerusalem, and Beersheba, 26 miles from the border with Gaza. Many rockets penetrated the defenses, landing in Hof Ashkelon, Ofakim, Kiryat Gat, and Sderot. 21 Rockets launched by Hamas’s West Bank task force landed in the populated areas just mentioned. Read more of this attack here

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Arabs should not be allowed to establish another Mosque on the Temple Mount

According to an article in it says "the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ordered the area adjacent to the Sha’ar HaRachamim (the gate of mercy, also known as the Golden Gate) on the Temple Mount to be closed for 60 days." Several weeks ago, Arabs rioted on the Temple Mount, like they have done several times and enter the place "the gate of mercy", which have been closed near 16 years hoping to establish a place of worship for them

The Mount does not belong to the Arabs. Many people believe God is not pleased with Israel giving away land to His enemy.  There are already Mosques there, but NO Synagogues. Let´s build one, or even better let's build the Third Temple. 

Which Mosques Where Built in The Temple Mount?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hamas is Attacking Tel Aviv, Israel's Sovereign Territory


The city of  Tel Aviv was attacked by rocket since a 2014. Now Hamas a terrorist organization from Gaza is trying new targets inside Israel. One of the rockets Iranian made was intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system. According to Hamas, its forces forcibly dispersed hundreds of Palestinians protesting difficult living conditions in the territory, we doubt this to be true.

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Also, the US Government used to characterize the Golan Heights Judea and Samaria as “occupied” by Israel, now the United States Department of State is referring to the  same territories as under Israeli “control” in its very new release report of Human Rights. 

This change is very positive for America and Israel, because it shows Israel its in control of Israel's land and does not has to be called occupation, but sovereign territory.

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